Here below are references for helping make sense of what happened on November 8 and for what we can do to protect America from the damage of a Trump presidency. I intend to update this as I become aware of additional resources. What To Do Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry, by the Southern Poverty, Read More

Over the last several weeks, I’ve learned that the press is annoyed with Secretary Clinton for not holding a press conference. It’s (no surprise) being held up as a failing of the presidential candidate. It’s true I am a happy and enthusiastic Clinton supporter, but nonetheless, I have seen the candidate frequently on national, Read More

I find it hard to believe I wrote the post “The Mask Comes Off: Corporate Implications When Your Senior Recruiter is a Bigot” over a month ago. There are a few relevant developments since then. About the Corporate Implications of Having a Bigot as a Recruiter In discussing the corporate implications of having a bigot, Read More

So Mike… I’m going to start by assuming that you respect me, based on our interactions together while working at PNNL. If not, well, then none of what follows will matter and you can probably just stop reading now. You posted on my facebook page sentiments about Secretary Clinton that others have expressed as, Read More

The Mask Comes Off On the evening of July 7, I was on Twitter following reports and discussion of the shooting in Dallas. One of my twitter friends responded “Jesus” to a post from someone else. My twitter friend is a black man who frequently engages on questions relating to race and social justice;, Read More

I owe a debt of gratitude to one of my twitter friends. He supports Sanders, I support Clinton. I asked him why he supported Sanders and why he doesn’t support Clinton. With the exception of my lovely neighbors at the Washington State Democratic caucus, this topic of discussion has generally not gone well. So, Read More

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones wrote an opinion piece on the reaction to Sir Tim Hunt’s comments about women scientists, “Are We Really In Control of Our Own Outrage? The Case of Social Media and Tim Hunt.” In it, he wishes we would evolve beyond our current social media mob response to issues like, Read More

To a point, I share the view expressed recently by Kevin Drum writing for Mother Jones in his article “Are We Really In Control of Our Own Outrage? The Case of Social Media and Tim Hunt” that we as a society in the social media age need to evolve a more moderate, thoughtful, nuanced response, Read More

October 17, 2014 I have avoided writing much on the nightmare that is #GamerGate because I had little direct experience to contribute, and I hoped that it would die a natural death. But today I found something that has prompted me to speak out. A sock puppet. Before we get to sock puppets… What’s, Read More

I realized something today that had not occurred to me in the thirty years since it had happened. Despite the intervening thirty years, it is remarkable how much the realization stings today. There is a meme circulating on twitter today, #askthemen. Women are posting the kinds of questions that are asked of them in, Read More

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