There is a particularly hateful article that has been posted on a number of blogs and recently on facebook that I find stunning in its bigotry. [Update June 8, 2013: I had posted the text of the article before but have discovered that people were linking to it directly. I have removed it so that, Read More

With apologies in advance — I try to keep my commentary as neutral as possible, respectful, and generally dispassionate. This is not one of those posts. In an amazing article, Mother Jones reports that Governor Romney told a group of wealthy supporters what he really thinks of Obama supporters. MoJo quotes: There are 47, Read More

I originally wrote and posted this pledge during 2008 campaign season when I had reached my limit of hateful and disrespectful emails from friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. Curiously, it is still appropriate today; even more so with the rise in use of facebook and twitter as a means to express political views. Feel, Read More

Today, June 5, 2012, every single Republican Senator voted against cloture on the Paycheck Fairness Act. The proposed bill would provide avenues of legal redress requiring employers to demonstrate that pay was based on performance, not gender; would prevent employers from retaliating against women who *gasp* ask their colleagues what they make; would make, Read More

I was eager to read the book, Political Dilemmas at Work: How to Maintain Your Integrity and Further Your Career, by Gary Ranker, Mike Phipps, and Colin Gautrey.  An avid reader of works on leadership, teamwork and management theory, I have found scant wisdom on the question of what to do in case of, Read More

Smart as you are, it’s bound to happen. Challenges in the workplace are only getting more complex, and whether it’s an issue with staff, products, or service delivery – not owning up to it can be costly. Learn the importance of acknowledging when it’s “your day to be human” and the importance of allowing, Read More

If you have visibility in your organization, you have legend. Do you know – is it good or bad? Are you Superman to your staff, or Martin Milquetoast? How does the legend within your trusted circle compare to that in the rest of the organization? Is the reputation you acquired early in the organization, Read More

If your work group was formed before your organization learned the “No Asshole Rule” you may find yourself having to cope with people who are abusive, arrogant, bullying, controlling, egotistical, incompetent, manipulative, narcissitic, and/or uncooperative. A healthy, well-tended work group or team can reduce the impact of destructive behaviors by these individuals, saving your, Read More

Issues in your work group may be caused in part by the way in which you lead, if like most contemporary business managers you follow a hierarchical model of leadership. Hierarchical organizations tend to show intolerance of risk and error; limited creative license in developing new business; high turnover among key performers; paranoia; abuse, Read More

The youngest members of the workforce grew up in a world that is light years away from that of the current crop of CEOs. They often function in groups, not solo. With Facebook, Twitter, IM, blogs, and role playing games that span the internet, they are ambassadors of globalization, many already having friends from, Read More

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