Over the last several weeks, I’ve learned that the press is annoyed with Secretary Clinton for not holding a press conference. It’s (no surprise) being held up as a failing of the presidential candidate. It’s true I am a happy and enthusiastic Clinton supporter, but nonetheless, I have seen the candidate frequently on national, Read More

I think Seahawks fans have an opportunity — and responsibility — to do more to help the Seahawks be successful. Have you ever seen Pete Carroll chewing out a player after a bad play? No. Or, at least rarely. Officials? Heck yes. Players? No. There’s a reason for that and it’s connected to why, Read More

The last time a member of the current roster of Seattle Seahawks was suspended by the NFL was May 17, 2013. Bruce Irvin was found to be in violation of the rule against use of performance enhancing drugs, and was suspended without pay for four games to start the 2013 season. Irvin immediately posted, Read More

Michael Robinson, fullback for the Seattle Seahawks often found clearing the field in front of Beastmode Marshawn Lynch, is one of my favorite players in the game. Robinson has been out of practice for several days, and did not travel with the team to play in the preseason game in Green Bay. Coach Pete, Read More

One way to think about developing leadership skills is to think of spheres of influence and control, starting with the individual and working out. Leadership skills can be honed within the individual; in one-on-one interactions; on the team; while leading the team; and in the community. The decision by Coach Pete Carroll and General, Read More

The Seattle Seahawks played their first game of the regular 2012 NFL season on September 9th at Arizona. Coming off of four wins in preseason and a surprising announcement that rookie Russell Wilson had won the competition for starting QB, expectations were high going in to the game. Coming out of the game, statistics, Read More

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