Strong Ginger! More, please?!

I am often discouraged at commercials I see that are outrageously sexist, or portray women and girls in negative light. In contrast, I find a Canada Dry commercial to be delightfully refreshing! The ad, aired on HGTV and the Food Network among others, shows a young girl with her ginger ale stand. When she sells out of ginger ale, she runs to the field and pulls up – “harvests” – more bottles to sell. When the crowd gets bigger, she runs to the field again – and pulls up an entire delivery truck full of ginger ale. Every time I see this ad, it makes me happy. I love seeing this young girl who is an entrepreneur, resourceful, successful and strong – all positive qualities for any young person. Thank you, Canada Dry for sponsoring the ad; McGarry Bowen for producing this fun, positive commercial; and to the networks for airing it! More, please?!

One Comment on “Strong Ginger! More, please?!

  1. Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing, though I have to say when I first saw the tag line “Ginger” I was going to blurt out “No! Mary Anne!”. cheers!

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