In my universe

1. You don’t get in trouble for asking for help or guidance under extraordinary circumstances.

2. You get to be human.  And humans make mistakes.

3. Everybody doesn’t get along with everybody else. You find ways to manage baggage.

4. You only have to say I’m sorry when you intentionally cause someone harm. In most other situations, “excuse me” will do.

5. You get better compliance and fewer issues with a policy of “report everything before it’s a problem so we can stop the *big* problems” than you do with dictating a “zero tolerance” policy. People are still human, and they still make mistakes. A zero tolerance policy emphasizes blame and punishment and actually REDUCES the likelihood problems will be reported when they can be managed.

…more to come…

One Comment on “In my universe

  1. Ah, to work in your universe. I think I’m actually waxing wistful.

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