Squeee! The 2013 Mongol Rally launches on 14 July! The Mongol Rally is a true adventure – covering 10,000 miles overland with no set route, from Europe to Ulaanbaatar, in tiny, tiny little cars. It takes about 40 days and to say that it is challenging is a considerable understatement. One of many pleasures, Read More

Want to do something really different for Dad this Father’s Day? Treat him to a remote staycation in beautiful and exotic Mongolia for less than $10! Check out … … the very cool the group, Hanggai (above) and download your favorite(s); maybe “He Who Travels Far”? … the short, picture-filled, easy-reading, casual travelogue “A, Read More

Why, thank you, Amazon. Yes, I think I would enjoy that book! If you think you would too, you can get it here or borrow it for free from the Kindle Lending Library. http://amzn.to/W9Y5Eo

In my post yesterday, “Why Doesn’t Governor Romney Campaign on Jobs?” I asked for help understanding if there is merit to trickle down economics, why it is not a slam-dunk for Governor Romney to campaign on his record of jobs creation as a result of his considerable personal wealth. My sense is that he, Read More

I know there is a lot of discussion lately about Governor Romney, his wealth, his personal financial policies and the policies that he might adopt as President. I admit, economics are not my strong suit. I very nearly failed Accounting 101 in college, and the class was self-paced, pass/fail. So I acknowledge that there, Read More

It took strong women from both the Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as from suffrage organizations  like the National Woman’s Party and the National American Woman Suffrage Association, to secure the right to vote for women in 1920. With so many issues relating to women’s rights being discussed in 2012 in federal and, Read More

The Dalai Lama is a remarkable individual, for all of the grand reasons that people already know about – and for a reason that is important to me personally: he has written books, parts of which have stayed with me for years. As someone who couldn’t tell you the plot of last seasons TV, Read More

Today, June 5, 2012, every single Republican Senator voted against cloture on the Paycheck Fairness Act. The proposed bill would provide avenues of legal redress requiring employers to demonstrate that pay was based on performance, not gender; would prevent employers from retaliating against women who *gasp* ask their colleagues what they make; would make, Read More

I was eager to read the book, Political Dilemmas at Work: How to Maintain Your Integrity and Further Your Career, by Gary Ranker, Mike Phipps, and Colin Gautrey.  An avid reader of works on leadership, teamwork and management theory, I have found scant wisdom on the question of what to do in case of, Read More

From my facebook page, March 22, 2012: Dear Friends and Family, thank you all for your warm birthday greetings! I especially appreciate them this year. Not only is today my birthday, it is the first day of a new direction in my career. I am leaving the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and taking advantage, Read More

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